We have staff in the shop specialized in decoration and interior design who can advise you on small object, furniture or final project.

Our BOFFI STUDIO has specialists in the Boffi brand, which due to its great complexity needs to go hand in hand with qualified interior designers to be able to give you the best service and design.

We also have our interior design department where we can assist you to study your interior design project and make a proposal for you.

Additionally, we have a technical department whose services are provided through RCO Grup staff specialists in comprehensive facilities.

Cecilia Sagrera
Marina Alcántara
Verónica Ripoll
Silvia Ruipérez
Joana Ripoll
Xisca Amengual
Andreea Stanisor
Carmen Oliver
Johanna Oquero
Cristina Picón
Jorge Gutiérrez
Juan Fernández